Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Prolific Blogger Award: I Am Honored

Thank you so much Ali  (Letsgraph) to have name me for the Prolific Blogger Award,
how incredibly sweet.
So I must follow the rules that accompany this award and pass it along to seven prolific bloggers I think are worthy of this accolade, but there are four items I must do in order to pass the love on to others & hereby accept this award:

Each Prolific Blogger Must:
1. Pass it on to at least 7 other deserving prolific bloggers.
2. Link to the blog from which he/she acquired the award.
3. Link back to this post which explains the origin and motivation for the award.
4. Visit this post and add his/her name in Mr. Linky so we may all get to know the other fellow winners.

My 7 choices are as follows:

1. "I am in the papers" A blog where you laugh and joke alot. where everybody adore Bob.
2. "Discovering Eddie" An intimate blog in the life of a mother a her sons specially Eddie.
3. "The great Exploitation Proliferation" Walter's personal journal
4. "From Art to Fashion"  Judy has several interesting blogs focused on Women but this is my favorite.
5.  "Chose to be happy"  This blog reminds us that we can be happy with little I love it.
6. "The Cranky Canadien"  Funny and eerily familiar rantings on events we all have to deal with once.
7. Last but not least Leslie Blanchard blog, "The Progressive Patriot" she is my inspiration and my aspiration.

voila! Done have fun and enjoy... smooch!


plainolebob said...

sibel, my how honored i am, i haven't blogged for a while...taking care of my mother, she has alz. i have been busy on face book though about the oil spill and raising awareness....thank you thank you and big big hugs

Eyewitness said...


I am sorry for not being able to read your posts. But I remember I had enjoyed a few posts in the past.

Hope to read more, InshaAllah.

Best Wishes

Ibn Hanif

Scented Leaf said...

Congratulations for the award!


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