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15 Funniest Christmas Cards with President Trump.

If you are looking original Christmas cards this season, I have found some great example : President Trump Theme.  and # Do not leave without following.#  *************************************************************************************
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10 Best Christmas Songs in the U.S.

There we are again, the Holiday Seasons.  It has been several years now the Holiday Seasons looks more like a marketing season, "buy buy buy season."  It is the rush as soon as October. The Goal is to get the most money out of the consumer, everyday we are bombarded by sales, deals  and specials we must have.  When I go to the mall, Halloween, Thanksgivings and Christmas are side by side; buy, buy, buy.... If we cannot go to the Mall, the Mall comes to you.  We do not have to move,  online super sales brings everything to your door. But Christmas is still my favorite holiday, I love to decorate my Christmas Tree.  I enjoy listening to my favorite radio station playing Christmas songs while passing by illuminated houses, it brings me so much joy and happy.
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Let start. 10. "Last Christmas," Wham! 1984, George Michael's made th…

Top 10 new words in the engish language.

Language is a living thing, words die if they are not used and new ones are born because of novelties we come across such as the advancements in technologies, fashions, new things we need to name.  Linguistic Society of America Do you know the meaning of: Voluntourism.

Answer:  People who volunteer and sightsee.

Answer: Fearing to miss out on something

Answer: Acronym for Mother Fuker.

Answer: recycling throwaway foods.

Answer: Ride-sharing Taxi App

Answere: Insert yourself into someone's photo.

Answer: Smelling unpleasant.


Idoms and Expressions we Happily Botch.

I was listening to the radio when I heard about "idioms"  and how we botch them. We are all doing it the native as much as anyone else. I found it hilarious, so I decided to do some research the following are the most commons.  Please feel free to add in the comments your favorite saying.
Every language has its own expressions, sayings or idioms.  They illustrate figuratively, they use sometimes metaphors, puns, to tell us of ways to live, to act, gives ideas, principles, and values.  Every country has their own Idioms
Nip it the butt vs. Nip in the bud.
Is to put an end to it before it gets the opportunity to grow

I could care less vs. Icouldn't care less.
Means that you do not care, you have to use the negation form "Could not"

One inthe same vs. One and the same.
Means that two things are the same.

Each one worse than the next vs. Each one worse than thelast.
Means the situation is not better than the previous one, in fact, it is worse.

On accident vs.By accident.

Funny Illustrations on Harsh Reality Of Our World

Do no hold back... you can laugh

Try to check this blog and for sure one of my posts will make you smile I am searching the internet to found funny and smart illustrations posted and videos by people to bring to you.

Adversity Strenght. Positive Affirmation.

We all read quotes to give us wisdom, strength, …   After reading them one feels empowered, elevated, wiser.... but quickly the feelings dissipates. Why can we sustain those feelings of power of renewed trust on oneself?
I would like to try something. I will learn one quote and repeat it in the course of the whole day, making the quote my mantra, until it will be part of my normal though. Join me and let try it for one day.
Leave me a comment if you did try it.  Also if you have ideas on how to sustaining that positive mental thinking please share it in the comment.


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How Old is Grandpa? Can you Guess?

The age might just take you by surprise.  It did me. 
Stay with this -- the answer is at the end.  It will blow you away.

One evening a grandson was talking to his grandfather about current events.
The grandson asked his grandfather what he thought about the shootings at
schools, the computer age, and just things in general..

The Grandfather replied, "Well, let me think a minute, I was born before:

*   television, penicillin, polio, shots, frozen, foods, Xerox, contact, lenses, Frisbees and
     the pill

There were no:

*   credit cards, laser beams or  ball-point pens

Man had not invented:

*  pantyhose
*  air conditioners
*  dishwashers
*  clothes dryers

the clothes were hung out to dry in the fresh air and  man hadn't yet walked on the moon

Your Grandmother and I got married first, .. ... ... and then lived

Every family had a father and a mother.

Until I was 25, I called …